The Cake Box Bakery has been in Zion for 59 years. Dick and Esther Leech   
 began their adventure at 2920 Sheridan Road in 1958 (the present location of the 
 PNC Bank).  Ed joined his mom and dad in the business in 1973 and is now the  
 present owner. Ed moved the business to its current location, 2724 Sheridan    
 Road, in 2004. We then became the Cake Box Bakery and Cafe'.

 After the move in 2004, the cafe started with a daily lunch menu which included  
 a  daily and weekly special. Over time and listening to our customers, we 
 expanded to include a daily breakfast menu with our daily special of a donut and  
 coffee. Many say our CB biscuits and gravy are the best they have tasted!

 We continue to have our weekly and daily lunch specials and a menu of a variety of sandwiches with a choice of at least 2 soups a day in addition to our homemade chili. Many of our customers still like to create their own sandwich with CB's variety of breads and deli meats. Stop by this web site daily to see our specials for the day.

 Of course, we still have all of our bakery products that sustained our business  
 throughout the years.  Our delicious and beautifully decorated cakes made to 
 order have always been the Cake Box specialty. Our wedding cakes are known  
 throughout Lake County and Kenosha.

 Dad's original brownies, doughnuts, danish, coffee cakes, kringles and of course 
 our potato rolls are tops on the list too. Our decorated sugar cookies for any 
 occasion, but especially birthday parties and weddings, have seen a tremendous 
 increase in the last 10 years, and don't forget, Ed makes the best pies!

            Cake Box Bakery and Cafe'